Using Google Ads (SEA) and Google Analytics

Every company that wants to be found online can’t live without a proper Google account! Google Ads, My Business, Webmaster Tools linked to Analytics and Tag Manager are essential to become successful online.

Where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) forms the base for your organic findability, SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is the way to reach your audience online through textdisplay advertentising (banners) and video.

SEO provides free, organic search but is also very time consuming and the effect is only noticeable after a long period of time. There are roughly 150 ways to get your ad to that first place on Google. Besides, even if your SEO is perfect the first four advertisements are always paid for.

Advertising through Google Ads makes you instantly findable, therefore it’s great to use Google Ads on an ongoing basis but it’s also perfectly suited for individual campaigns.

  • Set your budget and keep track of your ROI (Return On Investment)
  • Instantly findable on Google, a fast way to generate extra sales or traffic
  • Target everyone who has visited your website already by the use of retargeting
  • Reach your potential customers regionally, nationally or internationally
  • You can easily track your conversions and you have access to a comprehensible overview

You can optimise your Google Ads (Adwords) in different ways. For example, you can track the advertisement display percentages. Let’s say this is 80%, that means that you miss out on 20% of your displays. The reason can be a maximum budget that is too low for the CPC. If so, you lose the online bidding. Or it can be a very low quality score.

The quality score is a useful diagnostic tool that gives an estimation of the quality of your ads, keywords and landing pages. High quality ads can lead to lower costs and a higher position. The higher the quality score, the lower the CPC and the higher the ad position. The latter being the most important. Because the higher the position, the more displays and more clicks and thus conversions.

In short: the score gives an indication if the ad relevance, the estimated Click-Through-Rate and the landing page are correct. If the score is lower than expected, you know what to do! SEO is very important for the landing page, especially when you want your, sometimes, expensive click to convert.


Google Analytics gives you insight into your website traffic, and is therefore indispensable. Also, you can set (conversion) goals, track customer data and build customer records that you can use for retargeting. This gives you a clear insight into:

  • Where your customers come from
  • The amount of (unique) website visitors a day
  • The best conversion-driven channel
  • The amount of time people spend on your website
  • The most and the least visited pages

It provides a great deal of valuable information to become more and more successful online. Let New Sales Company help you with this!