This is why online visibility is essential for your business operations

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Online visibility for companies means that your company is actively present on the internet. You can make a distinction between:
1. The potential buyer finds you (online pull strategy)
2. You find the potential buyer (online push strategy)

Why is online visibility so important and for whom? How does it work and where do you need to be visible?
Colleague Robin van Tilburg has the answers.

Why is it important to be visible online?

96 percent of all Dutch people in the age of 15 years and older did an online purchase in 2019. Since 2013 the total value of online bought consumer items increased with 270 percent. In total Dutch people spend 258 million euros online last year. And this amount gets higher every year.
That’s why online visibility is essential for businesses.

Which branches can benefit from a better online visibility?

Of course this applies for all companies. It doesn’t matter if it’s BtoB or BtoC. It’s important that you look at your customer journey.

The trend we see is that potential buyers spend more and more time online to orientate during the buyer journey. Due to the fact that there is more and more to choose from online and it keeps getting easier to compare options.

What is the purpose of online visibility?

In marketing their is a saying: “the power of the message is in repetition”. In other words: The more you are visible, the more they remember your brand and/or product, the so-called evoked set. The more time the potential buyer spends on the internet the more likely they see your message.

How can you increase your online visibility?

First you have to make sure that your online channels are up to date and well set up. In other words: your website, social media and Google. These are the channels from your own company (owned media).

You can also increase your online visibility thru platforms from others (paid media) via advertising. Make sure you do this on relevant platforms and in a relevant “umfeld”.

When and how often do you have to be visible?

You can be visible thru a so-called “always on campaign” or you can choose to do this on a temporarily basis with a campaign with fixed dates. Most companies have an always on campaign thru their own channels. Usually short campaigns are with paid media.

The frequency of online visibility mostly depends on how often you have new and interesting information to share online. If you place a new post regularly you accumulate “touchpoints” with your target audience. It takes up to 5-12 contact moments before a potential buyer makes a sale.

Where do you want to be visible online?

This depends on your target audience and your goals. What do you want to achieve. Where is your target audience? There are 3 phases we distinguish looking at online visibility

  1. branding,
  2. consideration and
  3. conversion

For every phase you need to have a different strategy and message and you need to choose your channels.

Do you need advice about which channels you need to use in order to reach your target audience and accomplish your goals?
Don’t hesitate and contact us . We would like to help you.

New Sales Company - Robin van Tilburg
Author: Robin van Tilburg

Placed on: 25 augustus 2020
Updated on: 25 augustus 2020