There’s a lot to do when it comes to making an original video

“At the table with…” is a segment in which a New Sales Company employee talks about a subject within his or her specialty. This can be an interesting case they were involved in, a vision on certain developments within online marketing or sales, or trend watching for the future.


Originele video maken - New Sales Company

Today, we meet with Albrecht Haan, owner of Studio QklQ. Albrecht is responsible for the production of content, in the widest sense of the word. He makes banners, video productions and radio commercials. Furthermore, Albrecht is also an actor, host and musician.
Although Albrecht is our supplier, both parties think of each other more as colleagues. Albrecht and New Sales Company have been working together since the beginning of 2007.

What’s the origin of your love for media and content?
Since I was a kid, I’ve been caught up with everything creative. I’m also a musician and I ended up in a band where I composed and wrote the music myself. My music career didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, so I had to reconsider my career path.
After I got my degree in Media & Entertainment Management and Marketing Communication, I ended up in media through a friend of mine. He had a company that rented out video screens for fairs and events. In the meetings with our clients I noticed that there was a need for the creation of content.
In the beginning we always referred our clients to third parties. After a while we thought: why wouldn’t we do that ourselves? That’s how we started making videos. We started filming at big events, doing interviews and we turned those videos into a daily news item.

“This made the outcome of our work more spontaneous than the usual productions. Our clients thought of our videos as new and fun.”

Companies started asking if we could make short company videos. Some clients were very comfortable talking on camera and some weren’t. For these clients we decided to do the presentation ourselves. That is how I also ended up in front of the camera! After a while we didn’t only make videos for fairs and events but also more and more online videos.

Does it matter to you if you make a video or an online production?
For the majority of the companies online is more interesting. That’s because it’s affordable and the targeting is more specific. Often the media buying is more beneficial. In that case the parties that want to advertise have more money to spend on production and we can make bigger and nicer things.
There’s a difference when it comes to the image size. Back in the days we worked with the 4:3 on TV and after that wide-screen became a thing. Nowadays, when you make a production you have to keep in mind what channel this will be displayed on. Social media uses the old 4:3 again, so you have to make sure you don’t zoom in too much if you want to use the same footage for TV and online.

So, creating content is a matter of experience?
That’s right. There’s a lot to do when it comes to making an original video. The shooting is one thing but the montage of it all is a trade of its own. When I first started I had to learn a lot when it came to montage. When I look back I think it is because we didn’t have all the knowledge, we had to be creative. We didn’t go to school for this, so we just ran with what we had and what we could. This made the outcome of our work more spontaneous than the usual productions. Our clients thought of our videos as new and fun.

When did you start your own company?
Back in 2012 I started my own studio in Haarlem. Around that time New Sales Company (back then still MKBanner) was looking for a company that could make online banners. I had the experience and I also enjoyed making them. It was a way to express my creativity.

“The first time we heard ourselves on the radio was pretty cool.”

So, do you only make online banners and video productions?
No. Besides video and online banners, I wanted to focus more on audio. I actually learned a lot during night school, especially about the technical bits. The mixing and mastering mostly. I was able to start right away because of the knowledge I gained and the experience I already had as a host and a musician. I’m responsible for the whole production, because I still record the commercial and provide the music.

What are the kinds of clients you make radio spots for?
Well, funny story. In the beginning we started making spots for small companies. They also aired on local radio. The first time we heard ourselves on the radio was pretty cool. These weren’t big companies with huge budgets but it was so much fun to make!
After a while we started getting bigger clients, which meant that we were aired on national radio, like NPO Radio 1 and BNR Nieuwsradio. More often friends say things like “Hey Albrecht, I heard you on the radio!” That is very nice to hear but you get used to it.


What are the things about your job that you enjoy the most?
What I enjoy the most is the beginning, the concept phase. That is the moment you can let your creativity flow and that often brings us nice ideas. Clients want to bring their assignment to one company. Our advantage compared to bigger agencies is that we are small and agile.

“Even when I’m on vacation, I still use my camera all the time.”

What does your future hold?
We want our productions to grow, bigger clients and bigger projects. Besides, we started podcast production in January this year with a mobile recording set. This wat we can serve anybody, anywhere. So, we are definitely growing and expanding.

What do you do to keep up with the developments?
I love to try out new things and to stay up-to-date. Therefore I read a lot of sector-related news and follow courses on different subjects. I apply the things I learned pro-actively, that way I keep surprising my clients.
You know, I never have the feeling that I’m working. Whatever I do. It is more like a hobby. Even when I’m on vacation, I still use my camera all the time. Trying new things, shooting and sharing it all on social media, love it!
The funny thing is that it also works for my business. One of my clients started doing business with me because of a video he saw on my personal Facebook page.