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You can increase the quality of your sales teams by training and coaching. The two main focus areas are attitude and behaviour and knowledge and skills. But what is the right attitude and which skills do you need in an ever changing world where customers are more critical than ever? And how can you teach someone to show the “right behavior” and have the right skills? And more importantly: How do you make sure that the effect is long lasting?

New Sales Company offers tailor made coaching and training programs. Usually for groups of 10 to 15 people but also for smaller groups and individual coaching.

Our training programs always consist of: Analysis, Theory and Daily Practice. This means thorough assessments, training programs on ‘knowledge & skills’ followed by emphasis on ‘attitude & behaviour’.

Training Programs

We have a wide variety of team training programs, sales training, management training and communication training programs. And if you want: Train the trainer.

Communication training
Targeted on improving communication skills. The difference and effects of verbal and non-verbal communication. What is communication? How do you get your message across? Suited for internal as well as external communication issues.

Acquisition training
Our USP is not only telling but also “leading by example”. We can show your team how to make a good call by showing them how telemarketing works and call your customers together. Teach them how to be effective in creating cross and up sell.

Sales training
“Give customers what they need, not what they ask for.” But how do you do this? We teach a number of different communications skills like AIDA and LSD. What are the different phases of the sales funnel?

Conversation techniques
Which techniques do you use during a sales meeting? The power of listening and the fear of silence.

Effective leadership
What is situational leadership? What is effective leadership? Are you a manager that is also a super employee that has to know everything? Give yourself time and space to motivate instead of dictating.

To motivate and inspire
The literal meaning of motivating is: “encouraging or giving energy to… “ Do as I say or Do as I do. Being motivated is not a competence but rather a state of mind! Let us help you be a manager that is inspiring and see what tools you can implement to motivate your employees.

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