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The ideal way to get promoted is an ‘authority’ on the matter telling someone else about your company. When an independent third party with know how on the subject broadcasts a message, the consumer’s trust in this third party will be high. With prettysocial media we offer a form of influencer marketing on Facebook.

Our Approach

With prettysocial media we spread your message through a publisher on Facebook that is trusted by the target audience. Still with us? We post your branded content in the timeline of a publisher on Facebook, but more importantly: we also advertise through the publisher’s account.

An example:

KNGF Geleidehonden wants to advertise on Facebook. We work with the publisher ‘Hart voor Dieren’. This Facebook page has 294.450 fans. We post your message in the timeline of ‘Hart voor Dieren’ and also advertise to the selected target audience through this account.

A relevant publisher for every message

We have exclusive collaborations with more than 350 different publishers on Facebook, like Marie Claire and Elsevier Weekblad, but also Truckstar, delicious. Magazine, Hart voor Auto’s and Lonely Planet. For every advertiser we can find a publisher that fits the target audience.

We can also reach your target audience internationally. prettysocial media has branches in Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Grab this opportunity to communicate with your target audience in a unique way. The result? A higher reach, more engagement, higher CTR and a better conversion ratio than you are used to.



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