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Have you invested in acquiring specific leads for your company or service and would you like to convert these to meaningful sales opportunities? Timing is of the greatest essence. You do not want to wait too long but you also do not want to waste valuable time by planning a face to face meeting too soon.

Our Approach

Effective lead follow-up is our strong suit. There is only one way to do it right and at the right moment. This demands focus, timing and skills. Making a few quick calls rarely gives you the results you want.
We work with dedicated senior telemarketing specialists. They will follow up your leads with the right attitude and professionalism. We have been doing this for more than a decade for our customers in Business Services, Financial Services, Automotive and Real Estate Funds.

Quality or Quantity

We will put quality over quantity every time. We represent your company and will make important calls using your company name. In fact, we are your calling card. Of course you will know exactly how we do this and how your company is represented. Prior to starting your campaign we will have a comprehensive kick-off with all stakeholders.

New Sales Company - Thomas Brouwers

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Thomas - Managing Partner

“We don’t believe in a traditional client-agency relationship, but in being a business partner. Achieving goals and being successful together is key. Want to know more? Feel free to call or send me a message!”

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