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An Instameet is a get-together of influencers to take photos and videos of a location, brand, product or service. The content that is made is shared on Instagram, often accompanied by a unique hashtag that is relevant to your company, product or service.

Our Approach

An Instameet is ideally suited for organisations that do a lot with images. An Instameet increases your visibility, your brand awareness and generates engagement with existing and new target audiences. We organise Instameets for various sectors, for example museums or municipalities. This comes with a few important aspects.

Reach and relevance

The group of Instagrammers you invite determines which target audience you are going to reach. We not only look at the amount of followers an Instagrammer has, but also the connection they have with their followers, like engagement or interaction.


Another thing that needs attention when you organise an Instameet is aligning the location/programming with the Instagrammers. We always look at what an organisation has to offer and what the Instagrammer prefers to photograph.

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