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An increasing amount of traditional billboards are being replaced by digital screens. In bus shelters, at the train station, along the highway, in shopping centres and even at petrol stations. The big advantage of digital outdoor advertising is that the advertiser can display (often) moving ads that are sure to stand out more.

Our Approach

For the implementation of digital outdoor advertising it is important to keep in mind that repetition during the most relevant times of day and at the most relevant locations is key. You can easily align digital outdoor advertising with other online media channels, such as (digital) radio, display advertising and social advertising. This is possible nationally as well as locally.

Responding to location, time or weather

We buy digital advertising spots through ‘real-time bidding’. This way we can adjust the campaign real time and easily respond to:

  1. location (location based content);
  2. specific times (rush hour, certain hours of the day);
  3. specific weather circumstances (frost, heat, storm, Spring etc);
  4. events or current affairs.

Advantages of digital outdoor advertising

✔ Flexible campaigns through real-time bidding
✔ Strategically reach as many people as possible
✔ Standing out through moving ads
✔ Extensive and transparent reporting

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