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Advertising on LinkedIn is an ideal way to reach your business target audience. Because of the knowledge and expertise we have gathered over the years, we know exactly how to achieve your goals as effectively as possible. There are numerous factors that determine whether or not your LinkedIn campaign is successful.

Our Approach

We start by discussing your goals. These can be very different (branding, traffic, conversion or more followers) and thus need a different approach.

After selecting the right target audience, our specialists determine the best way to convey your message. For example, we look at the type of ad (video, canvas, carrousel, single image ad), imagery usage, copy and ad titles.

Measuring is knowing!

A campaign always consists of an A/B test. We optimise the campaign by setting up different combinations of images and copy. Of course we also implement pixels in the right way, which allows us to report on the results of the campaign.

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