prettysocial media for B2B marketing

When you start your B2B marketing your visibility on LinkedIn is crucial. But did you know you can reach the right B2B audience through Facebook and Instagram? A lot of our clients are surprised when they find out these are also great ways to obtain B2B leads. How exactly? Through prettysocial media!

prettysocial media posts branded content in the name of influential publishers on Facebook and Instagram for multiple brands and companies. A form of influencer marketing but with a twist! Our publishers, most of them renowned magazines or online communities, have a strong image and a lot of fans. Because of the collaboration with the publisher your message will gain trust and authenticity. The advantage of working with influencers.

prettysocial media for B2B marketing?

Does prettysocial media work for B2B clients? Absolutely! With page access to more than 350 publishers, there is a match for every segment. So, also for B2B. Based on the desired message and the available budget our team of specialists will find a publisher that will fit your B2B campaign. Think of publishers like Sprout, Elsevier Weekblad or Management Team, but also Gezondnu or delicious. magazine Nederland.
So far, we’ve done several B2B campaigns for, for example, Greenchoice and DutchLease. Amongst a relevant audience we raised awareness for corporate lease-cars. We published an organic post and advertising in the name of Hart voor Auto’s and The campaign ended successfully with an average CTR of 2% and a significant amount of quality leads. Curious about the post on Hart voor Auto’s? Click here.

Corporate targeting

Do you want to target your corporate audience and be sure your efforts are successful? With the help of a Facebook-pixel we can target a so-called look-a-like audience on Facebook and Instagram. These are people that look like your existing website visitors. A pixel is a little piece of code that is placed on the website, it tracks who visits what page and how much time they spend on each page. Based on the data that we derive from the pixel, we can make B2B audiences that we can use for a prettysocial media campaign in combination with the chosen publishers. Thanks to the authenticity and trust that the publisher possesses, people are more likely to click on the ad, visit the website and spend some time there. This way you are assured of relevant leads!

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