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Unique, relevant and motivating. That is the power of a strong brand. To position a brand, we look at the emotional and functional reasons that motivate the target audience to choose your brand. We dive into the target audience’s collective brain and search for the desired reputation of the brand. By doing this, we develop a strong brand positioning that is future-proof.

Our Approach

We jointly develop the brand positioning in workshops. We look at the current position of the brand to determine what the desired position is. What do you want to be, for whom? That is the major question. Together we look at opportunities in the market and your region.

1. Target audience

Which target audience do you want to activate and what are their needs, problems and/or interests?

2. Entry tickets

Advantages that a brand has to offer to be a serious provider in the market, but are not distinctive to the brand.

3. The core promise

What makes your brand unique and sincere? Which advantages do you offer as a brand?

New Sales Company - Jacob Poortinga

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Jacob - Managing Partner

“Achieving your goals, that is what we do. To achieve this, aligning your brand and sales goals is key. That is our specialty! Want to know more? Do not hesitate to e-mail or call!”

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