Online content needs to excite, emotionally touch or inspire

As online specialists we often get asked how a client can best draw attention to their product or service. It’s easy to think: show the product or service in an ad, advertise to the target audience and customers will automatically come crashing in. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Because of the enormous amount of online content we have to process on a daily basis, we keep getting better at ignoring those things that don’t offer any added value to us. This means that commercial ads, in which it’s very obvious the customer has to buy something, are mercilessly skipped. Online content needs to excite, emotionally touch, entertain or inspire in a positive way.

Look at videos that go viral nowadays. A dog doing yoga, a TikTok video of a dad and his adult sons dancing to a song by The Weeknd… What do they have in common? They’re relatable, entertaining and positive.

Creating content that contains all these characteristics, and offers added value for the consumer, can be quite tricky. But of course not impossible!

How can you get in touch with your (potential) customers in an appropriate way and utilise paid content that stands out? The answer to that question contains the term ‘storytelling,’ but also the words ‘authentic’ and ‘relevant’.

Online campaign Lisser Art Museum; the ‘kunstsnack’ (‘art snack’)

A good example of utilising authentic and relevant means to reach a target audience, is the Instagram account @thuismuseum, set up by the LAM (Lisser Art Museum).

To reach a relevant target audience and gather new account followers, New Sales Company ran a social campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The museum is closed, which means a new digital way of communicating with visitors is necessary. Creative solutions are the answer.

In the LAM you can find paintings, statues and digital installations that all have something to do with eating, drinking or shopping. The museum is especially meant for children who like to explore.
The LAM came up with an original way to bring the museum’s story (storytelling!) to people’s homes: the art snack (‘kunstsnack’)!

These snacks are shared every day through Instagram and a digital newsletter. Think of an image of an artwork and an accompanying assignment to do at home with kids.

Through these digital snacks, the LAM tries to solve their target audience’s ‘problem’: entertaining children in an educational way with everyday things (like fruit, for example) you can find at home. This adds value to the content for parents that are stuck at home with kids, which makes the consumer experience this content in a positive way.

As you can read, there are for sure creative ways to reach your target audience and involve them in your company, organisation or brand. Make content authentic, relevant (of added value), interactive and fitting to the platform you share it on, but also make sure your story is told in a positive way.

Author: Marion aan ‘t Goor