New Sales Boost

As a full service marketing media agency, we help with the development and execution of your strategic (online) media plan. We work with a method of our own creation: the New Sales Boost! This method is shaped by years of experience helping businesses and organisations achieve their goals.

What we do

The media landscape has splintered over the last few years. It has become extremely competitive and its movement is non-stop. As a brand, to be visible, distinctive and successful, you need a media plan with an overarching purpose in which marketing and sales come together.

New Sales Company helps with the set-up and management of the complete strategy and integrates marketing and sales as one product: the New Sales Boost. With the New Sales Boost we strive to achieve a synergetic effect where content (what do we want to say?), style (how do we want to tell that story?) and context (where do we show the message?) intertwine.

01 Strategy
The development of a strategy that translates your goals into valuable contact moments with your target audience.

02 Campaign
The development of results-driven online and offline media campaigns. All based on data.

03 Content
Creating creative content that is conversion-driven and improves the brand experience.


STEP 1. We test your current position and proposition;
STEP 2. We inform you about the current market and show you the possibilities;
STEP 3. We advise you on the use of the right media;
STEP 4. We produce and edit content;
STEP 5. We provide results-driven media campaigns.

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Dirk de Koning - Business Development & Strategy

“What do you want to project as a brand or an organisation, which advantages do you want to offer and who do you want to make happy? Want to know more? Send me a message or call now!”