Marketing Automation: everything in one clear system

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As a marketing department you often work with dozens of applications. A marketing package can easily look like this. You’ve got an:

  • App for e-mail marketing
  • App for CRM
  • App for social media management
  • App for landing pages
  • App for web forms

The result of using all these different applications is that your data and overview are fragmented.

marketing automation new sales company

By using a marketing automation system you integrate all these applications in one clear system. All your data is under the same roof. You don’t need to subscribe to individual systems and understand multiple apps anymore.

Your message with the right person at the right time

New Sales Company helps you set up your marketing automation. We optimally set up your CRM, help you compile the right content and make sure this content reaches your lead at the right moment. This way we make sure a cold lead is ready to make a purchase or a personal contact moment from the sales department.

Marketing Automation through New Sales Company

  1. More qualified leads, more revenue
  2. Better collaboration between marketing and sales
  3. Better insight into marketing ROI
  4. CRM data linked to your marketing channels
  5. Possible cost saving on all apps
  6. Support from implementation to optimisation
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