‘Holiday at home in the Netherlands:
virtue out of necessity’

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Due to Covid-19 a lot of people spend their holiday in their own country. And still a large number of people feel the need to leave their familiar surroundings to achieve “the holiday feeling”. But what will be the future of domestic tourism? That all depends on the developments in search of a vaccine and/or medicine. And what can you do as township or city to hold on to the domestic tourist?

The effects of Corona:

The Netherlands is a beautiful country to spend your holiday. At least, according to the 20 million foreign guests that visited the Netherlands in 2019. And the trend is one you see in a lot of countries. People from other countries visit the Netherlands and the Dutch people migrate in big flocks to the south during their holiday. Tourism was “booming business” and in cities like Amsterdam the challenge was not to get more people to the city but more how to distribute the people that are already visiting Amsterdam.

But now, in August 2020, the NBTC expects a total of 8 million tourists this year that spend a total of 5,2 billion and that’s a decline of 64% relative to 2019.

The Dutch discover the Netherlands!

Nobody knows how tourism will change towards 2021. Is Covid-19 a thing of the past or do we need to change our behavior and the way we spend our holidays for a longer period of time? And do we go back to the “old way” if Covid-19 is gone or is the change in spending our holiday a lasting one?

A large number of Dutch people got to know their own country better by spending their holiday in a part of the Netherlands that they didn’t know as well as before. Maybe we will still migrate to the South during the summer but instead of 3 weeks now for 2 weeks and add an extra holiday in the Netherlands.

What are the possibilities?

A collaboration and joining forces within a geographic region. By collaborating townships and cities can offer the (critical) domestic tourist more than just a nice inner city, an interesting museum or the beautiful nature.

A good idea is a campaign centered around “48 hours in the beautiful…”. You can offer the tourist more and you can expand your geographical shell. A family will not travel for two hours in a car to visit a museum but if you can offer them more sights to see and add a easy way to spend the night you will attract more people from further away.

Maybe a seasonal campaign where all the stakeholders are represented. For instance the local tourist office, restaurants and pubs and the retailers association. On their own the don’t have enough budget and know-how but combined the can attract more tourists. Of course you need to let people know with a well thought out online campaign.

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Author: Serge Maesen
Placed on: 6 augustus 2020
Updated on: 6 augustus 2020