What is going on with the chocolate?

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Don’t worry, you’re still on the New Sales Company website. A few years ago we came in contact with Hands Off. A great and inspiring start-up aimed at empowering local cacao farmers in West-Africa. And… they make delicious chocolate that is fair trade!

The concept: Hands Off!

Research shows that many people hide (sweet) chocolate in their homes to make sure their partner and/or kids don’t eat it. Hands Off ‘My Chocolate’ built a brand around this idea. A moment to yourself!

Coffee? And chocolate!

It turned out to be a ‘match made in heaven’. All of our clients and business relations have since gotten acquainted with the different flavours of chocolate and, as you can see on our website, our employees also have their favourites. Do you know what’s great? (Coffee) Appointments get so much ‘tastier’ when you add chocolate to the mix!

Dare us to pitch for you, and we’ll take care of that moment to yourself .


New Sales Company - Jacob Poortinga

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