Putting a new exhibit on the map through smart advertising

RMO-Goden van Egypte-Mummiekist

Culture case

The Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (RMO) has been the place to learn about ancient civilisations from Egypt, prehistoric Netherlands, Roman times, the Middle Ages and a lot more for over 200 years. NSC has been working with the RMO for years. The question this time: how do you attract as many existing and new visitors as possible?

The Question

Previous visitors will find your new exhibit interesting. But how do you reach a new, relevant target audience and put the museum and exhibit on the map?

Approach and Results

To reach as many potential visitors as possible, we chose a cross channel approach with an optimal customer journey. Influencer marketing, display advertising and Facebook advertising in the mix.

We ran a display retargeting campaign, that exceeded the expected reach and number of clicks considerably. We showed the ads to previous website visitors. We took into account RMO’s geographical catchment area to make sure we only reached the target audience in the immediate area.

We also ran influencer marketing and a Facebook campaign to get as many people as possible to visit the website. In this case the influencer was not a blogger of vlogger, but a publisher. Museumtijdschrift is a major, independent art magazine that services the specific audience we want to reach. In name of Museumtijdschrift we set up ads targeted to interests: art, museums, exhibits and (ancient) Egyptian culture.

Noticeable were the many comments on the ads. People tagged other people, which increased the reach in the right target audience. That made us happy! Using the power of social media to generate ‘free’ reach.

  • CPC Facebook and Instagram € 0,07
  • CTR prettysocial media 4,6%
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