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Foto: Herman van Heusden

Culture case

Rijksmuseum Muiderslot is one of the oldest and best kept castles in The Netherlands. The castle looks like how any kid would draw it: four towers, battlements, a moat and a drawbridge. The Muiderslot is a vivacious place where visitors come year round to enjoy the museum, castle gardens, events, workshops, concerts and theatre performances.

The Question

There is a big group of ‘families with young children’ that live within 40 kilometres of the castle but have not visited the Muiderslot yet. The goal was to reach this group and activate it.

Approach and Results

To reach the goals we implemented a multi-channel campaign through Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms were used in different ways. The campaign period was before and during school holidays. The castle organises many workshops and events around this time.

Four times better than the benchmark

From mid-July to the start of September 2019 we ran a campaign on Facebook and Instagram. The campaign was aimed at ‘families with young children’ and lookalike audiences (of website visitors and Facebook page likes) and resulted in a CTR of 4.42%. This is far better than the benchmark of 1%.

Influencers highlight the Muiderslot during an Instameet

An additional way to reach the target audience, was the Instameet. A group of 23 influencers was invited to take photos in, on and around the castle. The influencers were selected based on interest in museums and had 60,376 followers in total.

The influencers posted 27 posts, accompanied by the hashtag #muiderslotmeet. Some of these posts consisted of carousels (multiple images). These 27 posts received 6,225 likes (10.3% of all followers) and 701 comments (1.16% of all followers). Muiderslot had consent to post these images with credits to the photographers.

Facebook publisher ‘Seasons’ the right match

During the Christmas holidays a prettysocial media campaign was implemented to bring attention to Rijksmuseum Muiderslot. To thematically match this season of twinkle lights and cosiness, the Facebook publisher ‘Seasons’ was chosen. The campaign realised a CTR of 5.19% and a unique reach of 97,667 people.

  • CTR on Facebook and Instagram 4,42%
  • Potential reach through Instameet 60.376
  • CTR through prettysocial media 5,19%
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