Promoting the city Gorinchem as the perfect outing

Municipalities case

Gorinchem is the biggest authentic fortified city in The Netherlands. Something the whole world needs to hear! But how do you make sure Gorinchem is known for this?

The Question

A national two month long multi-channel campaign, to put Gorinchem on the map as the biggest authentic fortified city in The Netherlands. And of course: strengthening the image, increasing awareness and leading lots of traffic to the website. That was the challenge.

Approach and Results

We divided the campaign into different phases: the first month focus was on branding and awareness, to introduce the target audience to the city and stimulate them to get to know more. In the second phase the focus shifted to traffic and conversion. In this phase we fully focused on getting more website visitors and thus getting them to visit Gorinchem.

The media channels for this campaign were influencer marketing, Facebook, display advertising (prospecting and retargeting), Digital Out Of Home ads and a Spotify campaign. The deployment of these channels together worked in a strengthening way, because the campaign was visible during different decision-making moments. This has had a positive effect on the direct and organic website traffic within the campaign period.

Listen to the Spotify ad here (30 sec): 


Overperforming with prettysocial media

In the second phase we also deployed prettysocial media. This is a form of influencer marketing on Facebook and Instagram. Not with a person, but with a well known publisher. We worked with the publishers Fiets Actief, Buitenleven en Vrij Magazine.

This influencer approach works perfectly for city marketing, because the target audience of the advertiser and the publisher aligns. The high CTR to the website of Stichting Gorinchem City Marketing verified this. The goal was a CTR of 1%. Through the publishers we easily realised 3%.

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