Online visibility for Nieuwbouwkompas Soesterberg

Regionale zichtbaarheid voor Nieuwbouwkompas Soesterberg

Municipalities case

If you go to you will find the 5 larger new construction projects in the town of Soesterberg. The ideal platform for people that are looking for a (new) home in and around Soesterberg. But how do you find these people? Or better yet: how will they find you?

The question

More visibility for the new construction projects in Soesterberg and therefore more registrations and more interested people for one of the projects. This was the goal and our challenge.

Approach and Results

In collaboration with Nieuwbouwkompas Soesterberg we opted for a campaign with a strong regional approach. From the town of Soesterberg to the greater Utrecht area.

By using a wide variety of content we were able to pique the interest of the visitor for a longer period of time than usual. And the target audience was triggered more than once. The topic of Nieuwbouwkompas Soesterberg stayed ‘top of mind’ with our target audience. That was reflected in the number of conversions.

The campaign only lasted a month and consisted of a branding and conversion phase. By using a combination of display advertising (prospecting and retargeting) and Facebook advertising we were able to achieve a very positive result. 

  • Website visitors 4,786
  • Conversions 23
  • CTR on Facebook 7.98%
New Sales Company - Nathalie Hagenstein

More info?

Nathalie - Sales Manager

“Reaching your audience is what we do. Especially within the cultural, non-profit and automotive sector we have that little extra knowledge that we add to the online campaign. Want to know more? Call or send an email!”

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