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Culture case

In 2019 Museum Prinsenhof Delft organised a special exhibition about Pieter de Hooch. This exhibit became the first one that worked with time slots. This required a specific online approach.

The question

Online conversion was the primary goal. Around 10% of visitors was expected to come from other countries, and 90% from The Netherlands. The target audience mostly consisted of culture lovers, aged 45 and over.

The campaign goals were:

  • Branding (& Experience)
  • Traffic to the website
  • Online conversion (because of time slots, tickets had to be bought online as much as possible)

Approach and Results

To get the best result, we chose a mix of means: prettysocial media, display advertising, Facebook advertising and video advertising (pre-roll). The exhibit could be viewed for 4 months. This is why we chose to divide the campaign into different flights. Every flight had its own goal. We also set up a pre-flight, in which we excited the target audience before the exhibit opened. This also allowed us to gather data.

Branding through ‘Display advertising’ (nationally & internationally)

The online display banners were primarily shown to people aged 45 and over, with a higher gross disposable income. The campaign scored with a CTR of 0.15%, considerably higher than the benchmark of 0.05% up to and including 0.07%.

To reach foreign visitors, we chose to show banners on websites in Belgium, France and Germany. We were also able to reach French people in The Netherlands by targeting devices that were set up in the French language. We also targeted all visitors of French domains (such as, and and applications.

The international campaign reached an overall CTR of 0.19%. A great results because it was to be expected that many of these foreign visitors had never heard of Museum Prinsenhof Delft.

Conversie and data through retargeting

During the retargeting campaign we showed banners to former online visitors of the Museum Prinsenhof Delft website. The high amount of conversions that were realised through this campaign was striking.

We were also able to build a profile based on website visitors. 75% of online visitors was older than 55 and nearly half of these online visitors can be categorised in the Whize Consumer classification “Cosy Empty Nesters”. In 60% of cases, the gross disposable income was 1.5 times the average income.

Branding & Experience through ‘Video advertising’ (nationally)

The Pieter de Hooch video was shown before videos on,,, and many other channels. This pre-roll campaign realised a view through rate of more than 85%. Furthermore, the CTR was above average with nearly 2%. The STER websites realised the highest view through rate, far above 90%.

Conversie through ‘Facebook advertising’

The Facebook campaign consisted of 3 flights and realised more than 743 conversions. Most of these conversions were made by retargeting audiences on Facebook. Most purchases were made in the last flight. The campaign also scored well engagement-wise, with 18,884 likes, 779 comments and 4,208 shares.

Branded content through Facebook publishers: prettysocial media

The prettysocial media campaign, in which we worked with Museumtijdschrift, lasted for 2 weeks and was used to drive prospecting traffic to the exhibit’s website. In 2 weeks time, people clicked through to the website more than 2,600 times. Conversion was not the main goal, but the campaign realised 38 conversions.


The exhibit was a great success, and partly because of (online) marketing it had a record number of 90,257 visitors. See:


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