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Meerdervoort develops real estate funds and they do it well! Meerdervoort partnered up with New Sales Company in 2017. We became responsible for their marketing and sales activities. Our goal: Building and growing a stronger brand with authority. For each real estate fund specific marketing and sales activities were set up.

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Financial case

The Question

At the beginning of 2019 Meerdervoort started up their, until then, biggest real estate fund: Meerdervoort XL. The goal was to acquire 12.5 million euro in investments within one year. And while doing that stay within 3% – 5% cost price including VAT.
The entry fee for investors to participate was higher than for previous funds. This was a minimum of 100,000 euro per participant. New Sales Company was responsible for developing a complete marketing media plan. There was a new target audience that needed to be reached and engaged.

Approach and Results

Next to continuous marketing and sales activities, we regularly have specific campaigns to boost the different ‘tranches’ in order to generate extra attention and reach. With these tranches we can anticipate current affairs and movements on the real estate market with interesting media offers. Google Ads, LinkedIn advertising, Retargeting and E-mail marketing are part of our continuous efforts. And when needed extra boosts with Native Advertising, partner content and radio.


By retargeting the Meerdervoort brand stays ‘top-of-mind’ with the target audience, which generates online conversions. Over a period of 10 weeks this campaign added 23 conversions from 200,000 impressions. We were also able to create a new audience profile. As it turns out the majority is male with a freely disposable income that is twice the average income.

Native content:

We also published native content on the websites of Dutch newspaper Telegraaf (DTF) and on the website of Business Insider. The result was an increase in website visitors and an increase in conversions.


In collaboration with Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf we streamed a webinar. This webinar was promoted via email marketing. The live stream was watched by 850 people.


During two periods of two weeks we aired a radio commercial on Radio 1 and Radio 4. The commercials were produced inhouse. Google Analytics showed a record number of website visitors. During the peak there were more than 450 visitors per day.


Interested prospects could download a brochure of the Rentevastgoedplan after which Meerdervoort could contact the prospect to give them more information. With an average CTR of 1,21% and 11 conversions from 22,390 impressions LinkedIn was not the primary lead generator, but a good addition to stay visible for the target audience.


  • NEW USERS 32.133
  • LEADS 771
  • INVESTMENTS € 12,5 mln
New Sales Company - Thomas Brouwers

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