Developing a brand positioning and a new target audience for Rijksmuseum Muiderslot

Culture case

Rijksmuseum Muiderslot, built in 1285, is a beautiful moated castle: square shaped and with a draw bridge, four towers, battlements and embrasures. But how do we attract a younger generation to the castle?

The question

It was a challenge to develop a proposition that ensures that the current group of visitors keeps coming to Muiderslot and at the same time attracts a new target audience to the castle.


After conducting a Brand Audit and determining the Brand Mission we developed a strategic marketing and communication plan. A plan with the right content, the right media channels and emphasis on the agenda and programming. Now Muiderslot is ready for their new target audience.

New proposition as result of a creative brainstorm

With 20 people of the Muiderslot workplace we initiated a brainstorming session. Together we shared ideas about a new proposition of Muiderslot. As a result we determined three Brand Missions. In the second Muiderslot session we took these brand missions and turned them into detailed plans with all marketing and communication colleagues involved.

The future

In the end one Brand Mission was chosen and a marketing and communicating plan was implemented. Content and media channels were chosen. Agenda and programming were determined. A bright new future for Muiderslot and their (new) visitors.

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