Brand awareness for the local branches of Bosch Car Service

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Automotive case

In the Netherlands there are more than 400 Bosch Car Service branches. In every region you can find one where you can get everything for your car. They needed help increasing their brand awareness. And that’s exactly what we did for them.

The question

Bosch Car Service needed help with:

  • Branding: making the local branches more known.
  • Traffic: generating more visitors to the website.
  • Conversie: stimulating the online orders and increasing the number of appointments.

And although there are 400 different branches it all needed to be done with a uniform appearance.

Approach and Results

To achieve the best results we chose different channels: prettysocial media, native advertising and dynamic geotargeting. We were able to reach a broad target audience. And that meant more traffic to the different websites of all branches.

Branded content through Facebook publishers

Using branded content is very effective. Especially if someone else tells your story. We used prettysocial media and chose Facebook publishers Hart voor Auto’s and Autoweek. They published the branded content of Bosch Car Service. This led to more traffic, engagement and brand awareness.

Branded content on local news websites

We used a regional approach. We published an advertorial on a number of local news and current affairs websites. We combined this with regionally targeted posts on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Dynamic geotargeting

One banner set that, automatically changes depending on location and profile of the website visitor. We gathered postal codes of the different Bosch Car Services and then linked these to the visitors of the websites that showed our banners. Then we took it to the next level by using so called Mosaic data and online visitor profiles. We could analyse whether or not a visitor fit in our target audience profile. And so we could pin point the people that were a part of our target audience profile.

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