An always-on campaign to stay top of mind for Dekkerautogroep

New Sales Company - Klant in de spotlight Dekkerautogroep

Automotive case

How do you make sure you are top of mind when someone is looking for a (lease)car? Dekkerautogroep – the official Ford dealer – asked us.

The Question

Always being visible for the right target audience at the right moment and eventually converting this online visibility to website traffic and conversions. A question that is right up New Sales Company’s alley.

Approach and Results

We chose an ‘always on’ campaign that retargeted website visitors. This makes sure you stay top of mind in a group that is already interested. The campaign ran from April 2019 up to and including January 2020.

Through the display retargeting campaign we generated 131 website visitors in a month and a half, of which 36 viewed the pricing list. A nice score!

  • Website visitors in 1,5 months 131
  • Conversions 36
New Sales Company - Nathalie Hagenstein

More info?

Nathalie - Sales Manager

“Reaching your audience is what we do. Especially within the cultural, non-profit and automotive sector we have that little extra knowledge that we add to the online campaign. Want to know more? Call or send an email!”

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