A joint, local campaign for Jaguar Land Rover dealerships

Jaguar Landrover case - New Sales Company

Automotive case

Jaguar Land Rover Benelux needed more synergy and uniformity in different catchment areas. We thought of a fitting solution. 

The question

Developing a local online media strategy for the launch of the new Land Rover Evoque (Hello Edition). The purpose was to create more synergy and more uniformity for all Jaguar Land Rover dealerships. An important challenge was also to divide the media budget on the bases of the different sales results.

Approach and Results

From awareness to conversion on the different landing pages of the dealerships. The campaign had two distinctive phases. During phase 1 the emphasis was on optimising reach for the different areas. Phase 2 was all about generating traffic to the different landing pages.

In order to achieve optimal visibility we aligned the LinkedIn, Facebook and Display advertising channels.

Display: Every dealership “their own banner”

For the prospecting campaign we chose dynamic geotargeting on relevant premium websites like Autotrader.nl, NRC.nl and Parool.nl, but also on premium AB1 domains like Quotenet.nl, Elle.com, Cosmopolitan.com and VTWonen.nl. Every dealership had their own banner which was shown in their area, based on zip code. The clicks were directed to their own landing page.

The campaign had a very nice CTR of 0,1%. Through constant optimising the cumulative CTR kept rising during the campaign. The retargeting banners showed dynamic content and led to a CTR of 0,17% CTR.

Facebook: Look-a-like audiences led to a higher CTR

Targeting: Men and women between 40 and 65+ in the designated zip codes, based on job titles (like CEO, CFO etc.) and an interest in luxury cars like Range Rover, investments, real estate etc. Thanks to optimisation the time-on-site was significantly higher and the look-a-like target audiences were responsible for a higher CTR per dealership.

LinkedIn: small campaign, high CTR

By selecting all the senior job titles and then selecting them based on zip codes we achieved a good overview of the business potential per area. Because of the narrow scope we did not achieve our number of impressions of the ad. The campaign however had a high CTR. (0,81% compared to the benchmark of 0,5%). 81% of all clicks came from senior business development job titles.


  • CTR retargeting 0.17%
  • CTR Facebook 1.05%
  • CTR LinkedIn 0.81%