A cross channel campaign with 1.6 million impressions for Teylers museum

Teylers Museum in Haarlem is the first and oldest museum of The Netherlands. To promote and attract visitors for the exhibit Da Vinci we implemented a cross channel campaign.

Culture case

The question

Teylers Museum goal was to attract 100,000 visitors in a period of 3.5 months. Even before the opening of the exhibit, people were able to book a time slot online. Our goal was to make sure the target audience was excited for this new exhibit and to encourage them to buy a ticket.

Our goal: make sure the target audience was excited for this new exhibit and encourage them to buy a ticket.

Approach and Results

The mix of different media channels delivered reach in a wide range of target audiences that were relevant to Teylers Museum.

Display and retargeting campaign

We implemented a display and retargeting campaign to generate more website visits. We also focused on video advertising. More than 175,513 people started watching the video and more than half (52%) finished it. Experience tells us: this is a high percentage.

Facebook and Instagram

We implemented three campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, optimising for conversions. Through social media the ads received high engagement. Teylers Museum responded perfectly by putting full focus on webcare. This created even more interaction with the target audience.

prettysocial media

With prettysocial media we distributed the campaign message through the Facebook pages of Museumtijdschrift and Elsevier Weekblad. The target audience existed of highly educated museum and art lovers between 25 and 65+ years old.

  • Impressions across different channels 1,600,000
  • High video view rate 52%
New Sales Company - Nathalie Hagenstein

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